Metamark M4 Series Matt Finish Color Vinyl

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A superior quality calendered signmaking vinyl, featuring a 70 micron intermediate grade soft handle face film. The Metamark 4 Series is suitable for intermediate term internal or external applications onto flat or slightly curved surfaces.

Within the Metamark 4 Series range there are a variety of shades to choose from, including 42 with a gloss finish, and 31 with a matt finish.?Durability for the Metamark 4 Series vinyl is 5 years for black and white shades, 4 years for colours and 3 years for metallic shades.

Both the gloss and matt shades have a solvent-free adhesive, so avoid wet application to prevent the adhesive from becoming milky.?Find out more about Metamark’s adhesive technology here.

This page lists all the matt colours, if you want to access the gloss colours,?click here.

Key Specifications:
  • 70 Micron Intermediate Calendered Vinyl
  • Advanced Acrylic Adhesive
  • 140gsm Kraft Liner
  • Durability – 5 years for Black and Whites, 4 years for Colours and 3 years for Metallics
  • Fire Rating – Class B.? Classification compliant with BS EN 13501-1:2007
  • Finishes Available – 42 gloss shades and 31 matt shades
  • Roll Widths – 380mm, 610mm, 760mm, 1220mm

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Meter, Roll

Color Code

M4-301M, M4-311M, M4-320M, M4-324M, M4-330M, M4-332M, M4-333M, M4-334M, M4-340M, M4-341M, M4-343M, M4-345M, M4-352M, M4-353M, M4-354M, M4-355M, M4-358M, M4-359M, M4-360M, M4-361M, M4-362M, M4-364M, M4-366M, M4-368M, M4-370M, M4-372M, M4-381M, M4-382M, M4-383M, M4-390M, M4-391M


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